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Friday, October 19, 2012

Satan's School For Girls

     Talk about a perfect movie to curl up on the sofa with on a dark and stormy night... ABC's SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS is some downright delicious 70's made-for-tv terror [produced by you guessed it- Aaron Spelling. SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS was yet another supernatural shocker to cash in on the shocking success of ROSEMARY'S BABY, of course. I loved watching this one, and it boasts the novelty of featuring both Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd years before "Charlie's Angels" ever hit tv.

      It tells the story of Elizabeth Sayers, who enrolls in a distinguished all-girls school in Salem.  She is investigating the mysterious and sudden "suicide" of her sister. Seems the police have labeled her death as a suicide, but Liz knows in her heart she did not kill herself.  Lucky for us, Liz soon gets more than she bargained for.

     Elizabeth meets and befriends Roberta Lockhard (Kate Jackson) and Jody Keller (Cheryl Ladd), and they soon get their Scooby-Doo on as they begin unraveling the mystery of her sister's strange death.  Elizabeth thinks somebody at the school might have some information about her sister, but nobody seems to know anything.  Or do they?  Soon, the girls get more than they bargained for, as they soon realize they are in the midst of a terrifying Satanic cult. It's actually somewhat similar to Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA- a very primitive version of it, you might say.

     There are many things to savor about SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS.  I mean, it's a 70's tv flick about a 300 year old all-girls academy in Salem, MA!- who wouldn't be all over this? It's grainy and campy and just a helluva lot of fun. It's got atmosphere for days and some reasonably suspenseful scenes sprinkled throughout. It earns even more cool points for starring Roy Thinnes, star of the fantastic tv terror flick, THE NORLISS TAPES. Thinnes plays a mysterious teacher at the Salem school who may or may not be involved in a Satanic cult. I'll certainly never turn down Pamela Franklin, (who was hot off the classic LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, by the way...), who shines here in the lead role. Plus, Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd only seal the deal.

     Predictable? Sure. Cheesy? Yes. Entertaining? You bet. This is certainly nothing to take serious, and I'm sure nostalgia once again helps this little movie along. We recently watched this on a dark and windy Friday night, sitting in candlelight while the wind blew leaves against the window outside. And it was a great Halloween experience. This was remade in the 2000's with Shannen Doherty, and I feel that this could be remade into a rather interesting feature film. If you're in the mood for a devilish good time with a healthy dash of 70's cheese, this is the tv movie for you!

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