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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SCARY SOUNDS- Halloween 2

     "Halloween 2" is one of my all-time favorite, yet underrated slashers- and I find the score just as underrated as the film itself.  Of course everybody is familiar with John Carpenter's infamous "Halloween" score.  This time around, for "Halloween 2", Carpenter and Alan Howarth truly created, in my opinion, the most original and moody score of all the "Halloween" films.  I'm not saying it's better or worse than the original score- I'm saying that it's different and unique and rewarding in its own right.  I honestly find Carpenter's 1978 score to be slightly repetitive- it kind of just re-cycles the same pieces of music over and over again.  It's a classic score- don't get me wrong here.  But "Halloween 2" offers up much more original pieces of music, and as far as atmosphere goes, I find the second score offering much more.  Abandoning the piano here for much more heavy synth and gothic organ, it's a bit off-putting at first, but I promise you- in the dark, "Halloween 2" comes across as much more polished and darker than the previous score.

     Obviously, Carpenter and friends had more money this time around, and it shows.  They didn't try to change the "Halloween" theme- no real modifications were made to the iconic theme here.  It's all just played in different synthesizer tones, and the use of the organ here works great in creating a wonderfuly dark sense of doom and dread.  And just about every piece of music used in the film shows up on the soundtrack, which is kind of rare for film scores.  I find "Halloween 2" to be a superb horror score- it truly creates a strong and chilling atmosphere.  I honestly find this to be the best interpretation of Carpenter's "Halloween" theme, and the score is a must for any serious fan of horror scores.  It's wonderfully spooky and rich, and sounds superb, especially loud.  You cannot go wrong with this soundtrack- I promise you, play this on Halloween night, and people will love it.  I constantly get asked what cd I'm playing, and people are always surprised when I tell them it's "Halloween 2".  Even if you don't even like the "Halloween" films, you cannot go wrong with this cd! Yes, I love it that much!  I do recommend the 30th Anniversary Edition of "Halloween 2"- packed full of shocks and scares!  Here are just some of the chilling selections from "Halloween 2", which just might be the best horror score of all time...  Turn out the lights and enjoy!

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