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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brides Of Dracula

    "Transylvania... land of dark forests, dread mountains, and black, unfathomed lakes.  Still the home of magic and devilry as the 19th century draws to a close.  Count Dracula, monarch of all vampires, is dead, but his disciples live on to spread the cult and corrupt the world."

     "Brides Of Dracula" is a somewhat controversial entry in the immensely popular Hammer series.  It's technically the first sequel to "Horror Of Dracula", yet Dracula himself is not in the film at all.  Don't let that keep you from watching, though, as "Brides of Dracula" is another superb entry in the Hammer series.  Although Lee is sorely missing here, director Terence Howard and the great Peter Cushing more than make up for Lee's lack of presence.

     This entry focuses on the three female vampires that usually accompany Dracula, who are carrying on his evil legacy. The film opens with an ominous and creepy tracking shot of a misty, dark lake that immediately sets the tone- and keeps the exquisite Gothic atmosphere going full force.  It's a fantastic vampire movie.

      Peter Cushing reprises his role as Van Helsing, as he returns to Transylvania to battle the evil bloodsucker Baron Meinster.  The Baron, a follower of the evil Count Dracula, unleashes a plague of vampirism on a small village.  Which turns a school for girls into a den of blood-thirsty vampires, of course. And that's when the fun begins.

      Some fans have dis-owned this sequel, being that Dracula is not in the movie, but that's quite ridiculous.  Even without the great Christopher Lee, "Brides of Dracula" is tremendous fun and a damn fine film on its own.  It's a thoroughly enjoyable slice of Hammer horror. Personally,  I could sit and watch Hammer films all day long, and even though I thought I would be bummed with the absence of Lee,  surprisingly I enjoyed the film for what it was.


RoseOfTransylvania said...

I love this movie! Gorgeous colors which only movies of this period could be, wonderfully Gothic atmosphere... I didn´t miss Dracula, and yes, I too could watch Hammer Gothic all day long.

Waxdude said...

I completely agree with you. I am nearly obsessed with Hammer films, and that wonderful Gothic atmosphere cannot be replaced! Thumbs up to a fellow Hammer fan!

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